6th Extinction


The Sixth Extinction in Motion is a 6-week communication design project that brings together scientists, design educators, students and filmmakers, challenging them to create two-minute video animations that can be shared online, highlighting the current mass extinction of endangered animals and what can be done to prevent it. The challenge came as much in the form of organizing the collaboration as it was in the manifestation of the content being investigated.

Cross-disciplinary learning

Not since the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago has there been such a worldwide collapse of biodiversity.

This social change problem was addressed in a multiple classroom setting with Carnegie Mellon Professor Kristin Hughes, her students, and the direct involvement of outside stakeholders such as U.S. scientists and Ciara Byrne of Macquarrie Byrne films. The students worked in teams and chose a specific animal to work on.

  • Video by Thinh Nguyen

  • Animation by: Stephanie Bullock

  • Animation by: Zared Davis