Class + Workshop

In this WORKSHOP students explore what makes Archetypes so important to our understanding of our selves, to others and to the way we intuit and process the world. We also discuss the value of understanding Archetypes when it comes to communicating ideas to others. As Carolyn Myss tells us, “Archetypes are the architects of our lives.” The GOAL of the workshop is for each student to identify 2 primary archetypes for themselves and create 2 large-scale photos; one for each archetype. This is not an easy task and it is most certainly a revealing one. The ideal workshop length is 3 days to 4 days. Please contact me for more information and a quote on workshops.

  • The Pioneer
    Allen Minecci

  • The Rebel Child
    Nicole Cooksey

  • The Protecting Networker
    Jaclyn Salem

  • The Dreaming Seeker
    Tommi Sharp

  • The Rescuer
    Caitlyn Courtley

  • The Adventuring Explorer
    Harrison Vincent

  • The Athlete
    Amy Price

  • The Companion
    Sarah Luscomb

  • The Idealist
    Paige Berry

  • The Magician
    Simon Sok

  • The Imagining Everyman
    Ben Frederick

  • The Strait-shooting Provocateur
    Aimee Chico

  • The Seeking Shapeshifter
    Emily Hoffman

  • The Companion
    Anne Fromke

  • The Exploring Shapeshifter
    Maddie Lane

  • The Purist
    Andi Allison

  • The Dreamer
    Sam Bendriem

  • The Playful Child and The Purist
    Sarah Smith

  • Left: The Innocent Child / Right: The Detective
    Ellie Veazie

  • Alex Raykowitz / Left: The Clown / Right: The Networker

  • The Maverick Citizen
    Elea Wright

  • The Adventuring Purist

  • The Engineering Wizard

  • The Protecting Lover

  • The Dreaming Storyteller

  • The Hedonist / The Shapeshifting Imagineer

  • The Idealist Dreamer

  • The Dreamer

  • The Companion
    Alexa Pavon

  • The Protecting Purist