Beaumont Arts Academy


Wayfinding Murals

Beaumont Arts Academy was looking for a way to brighten up the vanilla halls of their k-5 Academy. Because room signage was sparse, I proposed we paint typographic murals that would help students and visitors find their way around. The painting team was comprised of AIGA Knoxville members, students and teachers who spent countless hours together painting these wayfinding murals on the walls of the school. In 2009, it won an AIGA SouthEastern Design (Seed) Award.

There is a question in each typographic mural that reflects the fundamental inquiries approached in that grade.

  • Lunchroom entrances
    In addition, the entrances to the lunchroom were painted with 2 United Nations Human Rights articles. This experience motivated me to lead a group discussion at typecon in Buffalo about the possibilities of introducing type design and book design into k-12 education