Big Ears Posters


Students created large-scale posters for Big Ears, an annual music festival that takes place in Knoxville, TN, every March. Hailed by composer Philip Glass as a “tremendous experience” and Pitchfork as “an inspiration,” The Big Ears Festival brings together musicians and artists who span generations and transcend genres for dozens of concerts along with installations, exhibitions, film screenings, interactive workshops, informative talks, surprise collaborations, and unexpected connections.

Project goal

The goal of the project was to understand how abstract imagery can convey a message. Students explored a variety of visual patterns to create their imagery. The patterns were a combination of discordant and harmonic states to reflect the music of the festival. For more information on this amazing festival, visit:

  • Alyssa Gauci (left), Ben Maxey (right)

  • Heather McNamara (left), Ricardo Boliva (right)

  • Stephanie Bullock (left), Maggie Moore (right)

  • Cameron Spooner (left), Alex Dunlap (right)

  • Layla Nami (left), Alex Raykowitz (right)