Collage: Visual Explorations


Teaching Collage is new to me, but I’m finding I like it more and more. My approach to teaching it is different than others I suppose because I rely on my Design background for it’s foundation. Students are given lectures on conceptual techniques, the basic principles of art and design like line, texture, color, contrast, space and tension, as well as narrative, context and juxtaposition. The goal is to think about the power relationships between objects and the distance between them. Narratives that are experimental, intimate and compelling are brought to life. Students are expected to trust their own individual visual voice. I’ve taught this as a miniterm class in Florence Italy twice with Diane Fox. Diane taught digital photography for the first 1/2, and then I taught collage for the second 1/2. I’ve also given a 1-day workshop to High School educators. For a quote on teaching a workshop please contact me.