Sophomore Design Journals


The goal of this project was to create a fictitious journal for beginning design students. Students were asked to play the role of editor and designer of this journal. They were challenged to come up with a name for their journal, create a logotype, animate that logotype and design 3 covers. They were also asked to compile a list of 9 or more articles/writings that would appear in their journal. This required them to read many current and past writings within the field, as well as related writings outside the field. The articles had to be a combination of theoretical, conceptual and practical subjects.

  • DART
    by Maggie Moore

  • QUE
    by Cheyenne Peters

  • Flux logo
    Alexa Pavon

  • View logo
    Tiara Householder

  • Distill logo
    Jonathan Young

  • Ember Logo
    Ryan Murr

  • YU Logo
    Wenxi Lyu

  • Axis logo
    Elisa Abdul Razak