Junior Typography


Book Design

This is the only true typography course that Design students take at the University of Tennessee. It covers an enormous range of information, starting with reviewing letter anatomy and ending with writing and professionally printing their own book. The content of the book is up to the student. Whether using a word or a body of text, the development of visual narratives that are both engaging and clearly communicated is the main goal. Emphasis is placed on developing and understanding grid structures, and how these structures effect hierarchy, contrast, unity and visual organization. The fine points of typography are also discussed.

  • SHUT ME OFF by Sam Hansen
    This book, SHUT ME OFF shares interviews from contemporary music culture icons whose perceptions surprize the viewer.

  • A Mysterious Infusion by Tara Sripunvoraskul
    This student wanted to understand the power and ritual behind the Tea Ceremony in her book, "A Mysterious Infusion."

  • Innermost by Andi Allison
    This heartfelt book, "Innermost," filled with stories of hopes, dreams and past memories.

  • Colony Collapse by Alex Raykowitz
    Or this book, about bees and how one small creature can affect entire habitats and agricultures.

  • Concrete Music by Chris Ruppelt
    This book, explores the connection between concrete music and typography.

  • We Are by Sierra Plese
    Many students write their own content and shoot their own photos for their book as is the case with the book, "WE ARE," about groups of people on the fringes of society.

  • A Lot About a Little About a Lot by Maggie Moore
    A love of Trivia, led this student to explore questions and answers in this book, "A lot about a little about a lot."