Additional Logos


I have been designing logos for 30 years. In addition to the ones that are part of larger branding projects, here are a few others that I think have worked visually and conceptually.

    Richmond Chess is a group of adults who teach chess to children. The goal of the chess group is to teach critical thinking skills. Given this goal, my logo design was based on the sense of discovery.

    Monitor Networks is a provider of network-based innovation and a next generation intermediary for talent in the business and science arena.

    Approach 1
    Use chaos theory to explain the benefits of Monitor's service offerings in the knowledge age. These 4 sketches are based on the Lorenz map. The analogy is that growth occurs once we understand the nature of change.

  • Approach 2
    This approach uses the classic fractal drawing taken from Chaos and Fractals New Frontiers of Science.The drawing is multipled three times (innovation, talent and network) and woven together. Logos developed for Corey McPhearson Nash.

  • Workspace
    Workscape offers application services for the Human Resources Market. Their mission is to provide outsourcing needs and drive higher performance in the workplace. Workscape was developed for Corey McPhearson Nash.