Senior: Branding


This advanced design class is about creating dynamic and memorable identities through understanding and applying effective brand strategies and understanding the power of creating partnerships. Our objectives are to investigate critical issues surrounding graphic design and its practice of defining and creating culture; to explore various creative methodologies to make useful, lasting and dynamic identities; to explore the notion of designer as entrepreneur and to write a convincing and articulate brand brief.

  • SkyWalker
    “Skywalker,” designed by Nicole Cooksey, develops inter-celestial travel vacations.

  • Beaurito
    "Beaurito," designed by Tori Salvador is a traveling food truck that brings fresh, authentic ingredients to students on campuses across the U.S.

  • tahlo
    Simon Sok developed, "tahlo," a simplified and modular furniture line.

  • Serow+ Co
    "Serow+ Co," designed by Maddie Lane, is a kudzu loving band of goats who can be hired out to save your land.

  • Sweet/Green
    "Sweet /Green," designed by Stephanie Bullock, is a smoothie company with a simple solution to school lunches. Sweet/Green provides healthy desirable options to cafeterias that need a menu makeover.

  • OINC pork products
    OINC pork products, designed by Tom Foltz, collects wasted food scraps from restaurants and passes them on to hog farms as feed for the animals. These quality scraps, make for much better meat down the road...a completed cycle.

  • Foxglove
    "Foxglove," designed by Jacelyn Salem, is a new take on the old Apothecary.

  • Top Button
    "Top Button," designed by Brayan Zavala, taught young men about the finer points of dressing and socializing.

  • Smidge
    "Smidge," designed by Kaitlyn Shaw uses a vending machine and an ipad to disperse small amounts of herbs to shoppers who are looking to cut waste and learn about a cooking culture at the same time.

  • Dabble
    Dabble, was created by Bekah Bennett to help high school students decide which field they wanted to major in when attending college. Dabble is a mentorship program that lets high school students shadow professionals anywhere from a day to a week.

  • Reelization
    Reelization, created by Ben Maxey, is an open, free, creative, and collaborative environment where anyone interested in any aspect of film making can have the opportunity to realize their stories, and their storytelling abilities.

  • Here at Reelization, there is a team of creative and professional people in every department ready to help you learn what it takes to do what you love professionally. If you are an aspiring director, actor, cinematographer, musician, digital artist, production designer, costume designer, sound designer, or are simply interested in how movies are made professionally, there is something for you to learn at Reelization.

  • Breakover
    Logo and stationery for "Breakover," who help clients get over tough relationships. Designed by Tommi Sharp.

  • Animated Logo : Baked in the Boro
    Harrison Vincent

  • Promotional video : Sweet Green
    Stephanie Bullock

  • Promotional video : Reelization
    Ben Maxey