Sophomore Posters


For this pre-portfolio project, students were asked to design a poster for a fictitious event about a particular current topic that is relevant to the world in which we live. There are several learning objectives: 1) Recognize that design is about understanding human behavior; 2) Instill the habit of triangulating news sources; 3) Analyze and synthesize a problem into visual terms; and 4) Explore denotation, connotation, icons, symbols and index’s. They used “This American Life,” the online storytelling podcasts, to derive a subject/topic for their posters.

  • Lauren Mayo

  • Vadim Bondarenko

  • Cassidy Bruninga

  • Haley Carter

  • Madison Moody

  • Justin Keyes

  • Laurel Cooper

  • Jordan Hubbard

  • Wenxi Lyu

  • Parker Jenkins

  • Melanie Bounlisavong

  • Alaysia Jetter

  • Ryan Murr

  • Jonathon Young