Typographic Slam Poetry


Project + Workshop

Now and then I have used the foundation of Spoken Word Poetry for individual projects and workshops. As stated on Wikipedia, Slam Poetry is a form of performance poetry that emerged in the late 1960’s from the Black Arts Movement. It owes its heritage most directly to the Beat Poetry of the 1950’s and 1960’s and the Jazz Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance. The emotion related to such poems as “America’s For Sale” is rich potential for Design students learning to relate words and their visual typographic components. Students participating in these projects begin to think of themselves as Directors of words on a stage, rather than designers. Suddenly the words are moving and they are interacting with them in a very personal way. I’ve done workshops with Professor Kristin Hughes at Imagine It! in Bologna Italy, Typecon in Atlanta, Georgia, and ATypi in Helsinki. If you would like a workshop, please contact me.

  • Jonathan DePreist

  • Hilary Walrod

  • Ben Finch

  • Jeff Baxter and Paul Schlacter

  • Matt Harber