I have taught numerous courses and levels of students in the past 20 years from Beginning Design to Experiments in Systems, Typography, Branding and Social Issues. Good Design is rarely a pretty process. It’s hard, complex work. Only when we are willing to dig deeply into an issue, understand context and precedents, analyze and synthesize all the information at hand, can the potential for unique, appropriate solutions occur. We all know that solutions to large world problems requires teams of people with varied expertise who can look at the problem holistically, because a variety of perspectives are included. Clearly higher education has a responsibility to set up collaborative learning situations for students so they can experience these types of problem-finding, problem-solving scenarios first-hand. This is the case with the Smart Communities Projects my students have worked on with me over that can be found in the Design section of this website . That said, teaching the visual principles, the interplay of word and image and the power of symbols is equally important as is. providing an opportunity to experiment with form—without consideration of the practical qualities of a project or client needs. Experiencing a sense of awe, wonder and surprise is contagious and I hope some of my projects have provided students with these feelings.

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