I treasure the wandering nature of collage and the discovery of form through the layered process of painting. I also cherish design work and teaching because it gives me a chance to understand how people think and why they create.


I started doing collage work in 2012. My 30+ years of design skills come into play as each of these are developed. Everything I know and don’t know finds its way into this work. You could say it’s where I find my soul. Or you might call it a search for balance and truth. Either way, maybe there is something here you connect to.


I am interested in Design for the Social Good. Specifically, I am engaged in work that contributes to a positive impact on social life, greater sense of community and increase in sustainable creative growth. If you need that type of help, please give me a call. I’m all ears.


I’m always on the hunt for contemporary, modern house flags and I can never seem to find them. So I decided to make my own. There are several designs from which to pick.